Switchboards of ELEKTON series,
devices and equipment.

  Purpose and application

Switchboards of ELEKTON series are intended to operate as a part of electric rotary pump units for the oil production, for deep-well working sucker-rod pumps, for stratal water injection, water intakes, etc.

  Functional capabilities

Switchboards are designed according to the state-of-the-art achievements of the domestic and world electrotechnical industry and electronics. Electric motor power supply circuit commutation in the switchboard without rotation frequency regulation of the pump unit is carried out by contactor; and in switchboards with frequency rotation regulation - by power semiconductors.

All modifications of switchboards have a wide range of functional capabilities for control, surveillance, protection and automation of the oil production process.

All the switchboards are equipped with built-in insulance control system, input terminals for electrocontact manometer and submersible telemetry system.

All Switchboards have RS-485 interface and standard Modbus-RTU protocol for data communication which enable data acquisition via telemechanics system and automates the oil production process. It is possible to control the system and to receive the operating data by means of GSM networks of cellular communications.

Remote control
Up to 250 switchboards
spread all over the oilfield
can be linked up to main computer.


JSC ELEKTON offers following series of equipment for oil production:

Model Purpose
ELEKTON-04 Control and protection of submersible pumps' electric drive
ELEKTON-05 Regulation of three-phase asynchronous motors' rotating speed with short-circuited /phase-wound rotor
ELEKTON-07 control and protection of submersible pumps' electric drive with soft start
ELEKTON-FSA Active power line filter for frequency converters
ELEKTON-KRM Reactive power compensators
PUVSR Mobile device unit for putting the well into operation duty
IS-01(03) Test bench
Contactors ELEKTON Applied within electric drive control circuit with voltage up to 690 V (50/60 Hz)
BSI-04 Read-out Unit
ELEKTON-TMS-12 Data acquisition on pump intake pressure, temperature of submersible motor stator coil and insulance
ELEKTON-TMSR To obtain extra data from TMS
ELEKTON-MPV Starting clutch for ESP and PCP
DigioLOG Multi-chanel audio logger


Switchboards ELEKTON are designed with extended functional capabilities and don't yield to the best analogs of the world. Options suit can be expanded or changed to meet customer's requires.

Switchboards constructively are designed for maximum serviceability.