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Catalogue of equipment:
Starting Clutch ELEKTON-MPV"

Certificate of Conformance

  Purpose and application

The starting clutch is intended to ease electric submersible pump start in driving gear of submersible rotary and progressive cavity electric pumps (ESP/PCP), as well as ESP's backspin preventing

     The principle of starting clutch (Video)

Starting Clutch
Starting Clutch
  Functional capabilities

Starting clutch is placed in between seal and ESP, design of the clutch allows to reduce moment of resistance on the motor shaft during it's engaging up to 10 times. So starting torque and consequently inrush currents are reduced multiply.

Starting clutch - diagram

- torque strength on shaft of the pump
g - torque strength on shaft of the motor
t - starting time of the electric pump

Certificate of conformance Elekton-MP

Certificate of conformance

Operation factors MPV-1-92-125-5
Clutch's type reducing
Maximum input shaft rotations, rpm 1500
Start-up transmission ratio (not more) 10
Transmission capacity peak, kW 125
Filled oil volume, l 4
Temperature condition, ° 150
Dimensions, mm  Ø=92, L=1531
Weight, kg (not more) 56,4