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Mobile unit PUVSR

Certificate of Conformance

  Purpose and application

Mobile unit for putting the well into operating duty PUVSR of ELEKTON has been developed and manufactured in accordance with all the climatic requirements for regions of far north. The unit is applied for mobile use in regions of new oil-fields' developing for both putting the well into operating duty and protection of personnel against severe climate conditions.

Mobile unit PUVSR
Mobile unit PUVSR
  Base-line configuration

Base-line configuration of PUVSR includes:

  • carcass
  • Habitable in winter box with a table,
    fan heater:
  • VSD ELEKTON-05 (--1000-380-50-1-1, 3416-003-43174012-2001)
  • Special compartement with transformer (-400/6-1)
  • control panel OBUZLAR
  • Cable connection box KSP-25

PUVSR-05/1000-1000/6 on the chassis of truck trailer MAZ 8926-017-02
PUVSR-05/1000-1000/6 on the chassis of truck trailer MAZ 8926-017-02

Certificate of Conformance

Certificate of Conformance

Operation factors PUVSR
Dimensions (not more), mm 590022002440
Weight, kg 4000
Base frame Two longitudinal channel #24, liked with cross-beam of channel #10
Multipurpose body Metal framed structure: roof anf walls are metalled with 0.8 mm galvanized iron. Bottom of iron (1.5 mm) is treated below with rust-preventing agent, primer and paint coated.
Warming Heat insulation ISOVER coated with linoleum. Walls are of 90 mm in thickness. Wainscoting - 6 mm plywood is treated with drying oil and paint coated
Windows Window structure 600*600 with double glazing
Conditioning air-conditioner LG LWJO561FCG
Transformer 400/6-1: - frequency: 50 Hz;
- power: 425,8 kW;
- HV winding rated winding voltage: 2,998;
- LV winding rated winding voltage: 0,380;
- HV winding rated winding current: 82;
- LV winding rated winding current: 647;
- climatic version - UHL1.
VSD ELEKTON-05-1000 Identification:
- supply voltage: 3x380 V
- output voltage: 3 phases, 0380 V
- output frequency: 1100 Hz
- rated output current: 1000 A

Operation modes:
- frequency maintenance
- current maintenance
- work along the program
- pressure maintenance
- protection category : IP43
- climatic version: 1


Automatic control system "ASUVP" for rectifier drive has been developed on the basis of PUVSR with the switchboard ELEKTON-05VD-1000 (output frequency: 5600 Hz) and transformer 3FH-500 been applied:

  • power: 500 kW
  • input voltage: 3x380 V ±15%
  • output voltage: 3x2800 V, 2x250 V
  • frequency: 283-600 Hz
  • temperature conditions: 60
  • input current: 765
  • output current: 103
  • version: IP33
  • weight: 2 327 kg