Catalogue of equipment:
Switchboards of series ELEKTON-04

Certificate of Conformance

  Purpose and application

Switchboards of series ELEKTON-04 are assigned to operate as a part of electric rotary pump installation for oil extraction, for deep-well working sucker-rod pumps, for stratal water injection, water scoop etc.


Switchboards "Elekton-04-400"    -04-400)

Front panel "Elekton-04-400"
  Functional capabilities

Elekton-04 Switchboards are designed for control and protection of the ESP motors.

Current measurement in Elekton-04 Switchboards is carried out in step-up transformer primary circuit; results are being converted into motor operating current by controller with a special program. Due to such design the input of cables from secondary circuit of step-up transformer is eliminated, that enables to facilitate mounting noticeably and to increase operation safety.

There is possibility to link-up to telemechanics through RS-485 port (protocol Modbus supported). Switchboards operating data can be transmitted into notebook for following treatment, analysis and storing in the data base.

In Elekton-04M-250 (400) Switchboard in contrast to Elekton-04-250 (400) Switchboard,the power circuits flexible contactor has been substituted for copper bus.Elekton-04-250 (400) Switchboard has been provided with a possibility of soft starter.

Certificate of conformance RU C-RU.ME68.B.00008/19.

Certificate of conformance

Certificate of conformance

Operation factors ELEKTON-04-250 (400,630,800,1000)
Climatic version UHL1 (GoST 15150-69)
Protection category Ip43 (GoST 14254-80)
Rated supply voltage, V 380 (50"±";1Hz)
Supply voltage deviation range, % "±";20
Primary power circuit rated current, A (not more) 250 (400,630,800,1000)
Submersible motor power, kW (not more than) 100 (160,250,320,400)
Temperature condition, ° -60...+40
Switching unit contactor 250 (400,630,800,1000)
Switching unit control circuit controller ELEKTON with programmed microprocessor
Overall dimensions, mm / weight, kg, not more
  • "ELEKTON-04-250 (400)"
1735 800 640 / 155 (170)
  • "ELEKTON-04-630"
1735 850 752 / 210
  • "ELEKTON-04-800 (1000)"
1860 950 1000 / 370 (380)


Portable Switchboard "Elekton-04P-400"

  • Cables are connected in special section mounted on the cabinets back board upper part. Such design facilitates assembling of the switchboard on the multiple well platforms. This design is covered by several patents.

  • 0,4 kV cable clamps provide connections up to 3 cables (with section 95 mm2) or up to 4 cables (with section 120 mm2) for each phase.

  • Switchboards design is highly maintainable and has safe production service: systems crucial components are easily substituted due to the plug-type connections application and engineering solution.

  • Special sections for external devices connection unit are mounted on the cabinets back side of the switchboards as well as connection terminal of neutral point of the step-up transformers secondary coil. This design facilitates all external connections without opening the switchboard.

  • USB-port for data retrieval into the standard USB Flash Drive.

  • Electric power metering by Switchboard controller or built-in sensor

  • There is a window on the switchboard cabinets front door, opposite the controllers indicator lamps informing about switchboards status. Such design facilitates the control of the switchboards status without opening the door.