Catalogue of equipment:
test benches IS-01, IS-03

Certificate of Conformance

  Purpose and application

Test benches are designed to check up operation of submersible motor's (ESP) switchboard.

Test bench IS-01
Test bench IS-01
  Functional capabilities

Test bench IS-01 operates in following modes of chek-up:

  • main supply under- and overvoltage
  • voltage (current) unbalance
  • raised (low) current load
  • low "step-up transformer secondary winding immersible cable - submersible motor" insulance

Device allows to adjust smoothly voltage supplied to the switchboard from 0 up to 425 V (separately in each of three phases) and has a source of current with modulating control within the range from 0 to 400 A. Running regime: long-term. Built-in resistance box enables check-up of insulation control system.

Installed resistor box makes possible to check up insulation control equipment.

Dimensions, mm: 350x450x250.
Weight (not more), kg: 36,0.

  Main features

Power supply of the test bench: three-phase network (380 V, 50 Hz). Voltage deviation should be within the range of -10%... +10%.

Rated current while testing supply voltage not more than 1.7 A for each phase.

Test bench's rated current in the current transformer probe mode in the 380 V circuit - not more than 3 A.

Range of test bench output voltage change: 0450 V.

Range of output current changes in the current transformer probe mode:

0...100 ;
0...400 .

    Note: test bench operation time under maximum probe current must not exceed 5 minutes with the following cooling for 20 minutes.

Discrete values of insulation resistance :

500k 5%;
30 k 5%.

The test bench supports:

  • supply of three-phase voltage (50 Hz) to the tested object within the range 0450 V
  • linear output voltage control through indicator facility
  • Possibility for certified instruments to be connected for output voltage control
  • output voltage disbalance within the range of 300%
  • supply the tested object with monophase AC (50 Hz) within the range:

  • 0...100 ;
    0...400 .
  • monophase AC control through indicator
  • simulation of two discrete values of insulation resistance:

  • 500 k 5%;
    30 k 5%.

Test bench IS-03
Test bench IS-03
  Test bench IS-03

Test bench IS-03 is intended for checking-up validity of controllers of switchboards ELEKTON in both laboratory and field environment. The device makes possible to control indications of current data, counting out restarts delays and controller's protection response.

Dimensions, mm: 22521580 .
Weight - 3,0 kg.

Power supply - AC 220 V.