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Read-out unit BSI-04

Certificate of Conformance

  Purpose and application

Read-out unit BSI is assigned for reading out and storage of event's log from controllers of switchboards ELEKTON-04 (05,06,07) and from surface units of Telemetry System ELEKTON-TMS.

Read-out unit BSI-04
Read-out unit BSI-04
  Functional capabilities

For reading is necessary to connect the Unit to port RS-232 of the controller and to press the button. The light indication of the Unit (two highlight LEDs) informs of its condition:

  • Read-out/Done
  • Error/Overrun

During the event log reading out, a folder with the well cluster number is automatically formed. In this folder the read-in file is placed. The name of the file is the clusters number and a serial number of event log, read out from the given well.

Nonvolatile memory 32 Mb.

For event log reading out from the equipment manufactured since the beginning of 2010, it is recommended to use Read-Out Unit BSI-04.

The equipment manufactured since the beginning of 2010 has Interface USB-Host for events history logging into the Standard USB Flash Drive.

At connection of BSI-04 to USB-port of a computer with operational system Windows XP, the Unit is automatically defined as a standard Flash disk. Event logs viewing is carried out by means of communication program ElektonUV.

BSI-04 is power supplied via socket RS-232 (controller) or via USB-port (computer) while data transmitting. No external power supply is required.


  • 341770mm, weight 25g.

  Delivery set

Full delivery set includes:

  • Passport
  • Read-out unit BSI-04
  • Operating Manual
  • Extender USB, A-A, 1,8m.