Catalogue of equipment:
Switchboards of series ELEKTON-04SK

Certificate of Conformance

  Purpose and application

Switchboards of series ELEKTON-04SK are assigned for control and protection of deep-well working sucker-rod pumps (ESP), conventional pumping unit and its gear (three-phase asynchronous motor) for oil production.

Switchboard ELEKTON-04SK-100
  Functional capabilities

Switchboard ELEKTON-04SK-100 is designed for power circuit rated current 100A.

Switchboard has power block and clamps for supply cables connection, current and voltage sensors, external sensors data acquisition and processing units, control and indication facility, controller, mounted inside. Additionally supplied stationary dynamograph, wellhead pressure sensor. Chronology of events and 16 dynamograms registered within time interval preset by setup are stored in the controller.

Built-in RS-485 interface makes possible link-up to remote control system. Operation data can be read out into a notebook with application package ElektonUV, into Read-out Units BSI-04 for following analysis of functioning and diagnostics of pumping facility.

The Switchboard is certified. Certificate of conformance RU C-RU.ME68.B.00008/19.

Switchboard ELEKTON-04R

Сертификат соотвествия

Certificate of conformance

Operation factors ELEKTON-04SK-100/ELEKTON-04R-100*
Climatic version UHL1 (GoST 15150-69)
Protection category Ip43 (GoST 14254-80)
Rated supply voltage, V 380 (50±1Hz)
Supply voltage deviation range, % -25...+25
Power circuit rated current, A 100
Electric motor power, kW 55
Temperature condition, °С -60...+40
Switching unit Contactor 100 А
Switching unit control circuit Controller ELEKTON-10.1
External sensors stationary dynamograph, wellhead pressure sensor
Interface RS-485
Information data flow notebook, BSI-04, USB-flash, RS-485 - telemechanics
Software WINDOWS
Dimensions, mm 660х560х367
Weight, kg (not more than) 43
*) ELEKTON-04R-100 - Switchboard modification with a socket for external consumers hook-up 380V, 60A