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Elekton-UV.20.12 [Download]

  • File size (.zip): 5531651 b
  • Revision: 29.12.2020

Universal software application Elekton-UV is intended for reading-out and processing all the data from switchboard ELEKTON-04(05,07) and Read-out Units BSI-04.

Events report log with current state and operating characteristics is read-out via standard port RS-232. The software makes visible on the PC display current status and following parameters:

  • voltage
  • currents and currents' disbalance
  • insulance
  • power factor
  • loading
  • pressure
  • temperature
  • date
  • time
  • operating time
  • number of starts
  • rotating speed
  • alternation of phases
  • number of under- and overloading restarts, restarts through other causes
  • switching on and off with cause been specified
  • number of well and well cluster

There is capability to change controller settings (to control both switchboard's operating mode and it's reaction to nominal parameters deviations) with visual control.

For switchboards manufactured after 01.01.2003: settings changing by operator are registered in the events report log with and title of the setting, previous and new value, date and time of changing. Power cut and power-up with date and time specified are also fixed.

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