ELEKTON-TMS-28 Telemetry System for downhole applications

Fig.1 Fig.1

1- ESP submersible cable

2- Tubing

3- Pump sections

4- Protector,equalizer


6- TMS-DHS-12 downhole unit with sensors
for measurement of:
  • formation fluid pressure;
  • formation fluid temperature;
  • ESP motor oil temperature;
  • ESP motor stator temperature (optional);
  • vibration acceleration (optional).
  Purpose and field of application

ELEKTON-TMS-28 is designed to operate with motors type SLB-Maximus. Main field of application: automation of electric drive operating modes for oil production equipment. Elekton-TMS-28 downhole monitoring system is designed to control, record and transmit to external devices current values of the following parameters:

  • ESP motor oil temperature;
  • electric submersible motor oil pressure;
  • formation fluid temperature;
  • electric submersible motor stator temperature measured by a separate thermocouple J-type sensor;
  • vibration acceleration on X, Y and Z axes;
  • insulation resistance of the circuit "neutral point of DHS HV star-connected winding – ESP cable – neutral point of ESP motor star”.

The system remains operative with the cable length up to 6000 m.

Parameters System's overall dimentions, mm, max Weight of system units, kg, max
TMS-SP-12 surface panel 245х205х168 6
TMS-DHS-28 downhole sensor Ø=114, L=620 18,7

Parameter Range Accuracy1) Tolerance
Formation fluid temperature at pump intake, °C 0 to +150 ±1,5%1) 0.01°C
Electric submersible motor windings temperature measured by separated sensor, °C 0 to +200 ±1,5%1) 0,01°С
ESP motor vibration in radial and axial directions, m/s2 0-30 5%2) 0,1m/s2
Insulation resistance, kOhm 10-9999 ±10%1) 1kOhm
1) For insulation resistance, the error will be determined relative to the measured value, for other parameters – relative to the upper range limit.
2) For vibration acceleration range from 10 to 70 Hz.