ELEKTON-05 Variable Speed Drive

Certificate of Conformance

  Purpose and application

VSD Elekton-05 is used to control/regulate speed and protect industrial three-phase induction motors with squirrel-cage or phase rotor and (or) three-phase PMM motors.

At the customer's request, VSD can be produced with a 6, 12, 18 or 24-pulse input rectifier and with a nominal supply voltage of 415, 435, 480 V and a frequency of 60 Hz. When the supply voltage is different from 380 V and (or) the frequency of the supply voltage is 60 Hz, the electrical characteristics of the VSD are agreed separately.

VSD Elekton-05

VSD Elekton-05

Certificate of Conformance

Certificate of Conformance


Conformity certificate EC/EU Directives

  • Induction motors for Electrical Submergible Pumps (ESPs);
  • PMM motors for ESPs;
  • VSD operated motors for ESPs;
  • Induction motors for industry applications water transfer pump, Progressing Cavity Pumps, smoke sucker and HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) industrial ventilation.


  • Stable operation immune to input voltage variations.
  • Stabilized output voltage at input power oscillations in case of instability of mains supply.
  • Built-in filter to suppress input harmonics.
  • Simple and quick maintenance.
  • USB-port for data download a standard USB Flash card
  • Designed for quick repairs the construction is distinguished for its high degree of repairability.


  • Modular design for fast replacement of failed units in the field (without soldering);
  • Cable clamps configured for different cable sizes;
  • During short-term voltage drops in the mains, the controller uses an emergency mode to operate and record operating parameters;
  • Storage pocket for document hard copies ;
  • Power consumption meter can optionally be installed;
  • Enclosure, removable covers, cabinet doors and locking devices provide reliable protection of internal components, external connection elements and control bodies of the control stations;;
  • Protection of power and control electronics from ambient exposure during operation, maintenance and other activities requiring opening the doors of the power compartment;
  • Protection of the control station HVAC against dust and moisture;
  • The VSD ventilation air ducts are equipped with shutters (for winter/summer operation modes) to prevent atmospheric moisture entering the power and control electronics compartments in adverse weather conditions (snow storms, rain with snow, etc.); ;
  • The VSD input/output compartments for junction boxes sizes are protected against ingress of (snow, moisture). The control station design allows easy cables connection and protective elements replacement in the field at ambient temperatures ranging from -60C to +50C;
  • If required, the design also allows connecting several power cables of different sizes without lugs for output current rating, to the VSD back panel at any ambient conditions;
  • 220 V, 10 A socket available;
  • Data storage with USB port data download to a standard USB flash card;
  • LAN port for Ethernet connection via Modbus TCP protocol.

VSD design allows pump start up following a preset program, in manual and automated mode, as well as to control a required operating parameter (frequency, current, pressure) with a PID controller.


VSD ELEKTON-05-1200(1400,1600)

Controller ELEKTON-10.1

Elekton-10.1 controller

Parameters VALUES
Operation factors ELEKTON-05-32 (63, 75, 100, 160, 250, 400, 630, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000)
Nominal supply voltage, V 380 (50/60Hz)
Supply voltage range, % -50...+25
Power, kVA, up to 20 (40, 47, 63, 100, 160, 250, 400, 500, 630, 750, 900, 1000, 1150, 1250)
Overall dimensions, mm (32A, 63, 75, 100) 1727x841x737
Weight, kg, up to 280
Overall dimensions, mm(160, 250, 400) 1995976905
Weight, kg, up to 380, 395, 465
Overall dimensions, mm (630) 197312041208
Weight, kg, up to 805
Overall dimensions, mm (800-1000) 201612041603
Weight, kg, up to 970
Overall dimensions, mm(1200) 205819601267
Weight, kg, up to 1430
Overall dimensions, mm (1400, 1600, 1800, 2000) 2364x22781174
Weight, kg, up to 1590
Enclosure protection IP43, IP54 optionally
Output frequency range, Hz 3,5...800,1%
VSD Controller type ELEKTON-10.1 programmable

Optional auxiliary equipment:
1. Integrated bypass contactor switch.
2. Backup VSD for uninterrupted ESP operationat power voltage drop 0 V for a period of at least 100 milliseconds.
3. Waterprove enclosure.
4. Integrated or external input power filter.
5. Integrated or external output filter.
6. Immersion telemetry system surface unit.
7. Power consumption electric meter.
8. Wireless communication with a control room (cellular network connection, radio modem).

Display brightness and contrast can be automatically adjusted depending on the temperature inside the controller box. This ensures information is clearly displayed in the temperature range from - 60 to + 50.


Parameters VALUES
Input Voltage, V 415, 435, 480 15%
Input Frequency 50/60Hz2,5Hz
The type of input rectifier 6, 12, 18, 24-pulse
Power factor >0,95
Output Current, A 400, 500, 630, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000
Power, kVA 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 750, 900, 1000, 1150, 1250
Inverter Section IGBT
Inverter Type PWM Pulse Width Modulated waveform
Output Waveform Filtered Sine Wave on the output
PWM frequency 2,5 to 5 kHz
Inverter Efficiency >98%
Efficiency >95%
Overload 125 % (5 min)
Output frequency AC motor: 3.5 to 80 Hz, BLDC motor: 3.5 to 200 Hz
THDu output <5%
Enclosure Rating IP55/NEMA3R, NEMA4, NEMA4X
Operating temperature -20 to 55 under Sun/rain canopy
Humidity 98%
Logic input 8 PCs
Relay output 4 PCs
Analog input 8 PCs 0 ... 10 V, 4...20 mA
Custom power supply 110/220 Vac
Com interface RS-485, RS-232
Com protocol Modbus RTU
Exchange rate up to 230400 bps
Ethernet 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX
Ethernet Protocol Modbus TCP
Dimensions, mm, Height x Width x Depth 2010x1154x1200, 2010x1154x1200, 2010x1250x1605, 20101250x1605, 2010x1250x1605, 2300x2610x1250, 2300x2610x1250, 2300x2610x1250, 2300x2610x1250, 2300x2610x1250