MCU-2-05F/400-300-UXL1 Mobile Commissioning Unit


The main purpose of the MCU is for to mobile applications of ELEKTON-05F-400 VSD with a step-up transformer, in order to commissioning a well, and protect the operating personnel from unfavorable climatic conditions.

The MCU is used in oil production. MCU is connected to the ESP unit driven with motor <125 kW ESP.
The MCU is designed to be operated in the periods of:

  • ESP commissioning;
  • routine ESP backspin operations;
  • well production testing by adjusting the frequency of the ESP motor supply voltage in the range from 3.5 to 70±1% Hz.

The MCU ensures protection of the ESP equipment, and enables displaying and transmissiononing of DHS real-time data from the ESP VSD controller.


The basic configuration of MCU-2 includes a MAZ-892600-017-02 drop-side trailer on which a platform is mounted with the equipment listed below:

  • ELEKTON-05F-400 VSD (enabling data reading out and recording from the VSD controller, and data (event chronology) transmission to PC via USB-port). The VSD has built-in input and output voltage filters;
  • TMPNG-SESch-300/3-11 UHL1 step-up transformer manufactured by Samara Plant Elektroshchit OJSC.
  • Two 4x70 mm2 cable lines (KG HL type), 36.7 m each. The cables are wound on a drum and fastened with cable ties. The drum is held in a closed metal cabinet. The cables are used to connect the MCU to the transformer substation. One (main) cable is permanently connected to the VSD input. The other (standby) cable is connected to the VSD input in parallel with the main cable when the line cross-section needs to be increased;
  • PVZ-25 wire is used for grounding the MCU enclosure. The length of the wire is 30 m, it has lugs for connection to the grounding loop of the well pad (stored in a locked metal box during transportation);
  • Rigid type shelter protecting from atmospheric precipitation and wind and permitting stand-up switchboard panel operation;
  • Folding ladder;
  • Technical and operational documentation package.


Overall dimensions, mm, max Height 3700, Length 5600 (without tow bar), 7650 (with tow bar), Width 2500
Weight without trailer, max, kg 3675
Weight of MAZ-892600-017-02 trailer, max, kg 3760


The MCU may only be operated with the closed doors of the following components: power compartment, I/O compartments of the ELEKTON-05F switchboard, I/O compartments of the power transformer, and HV cabinet.

Only personnel certified to operate electrical equipment (above 1000V) may be permitted to service the MCU.

After installing the MCU at the work site, it must be connected to the earthing circuit using the earthing clamps supplied with the MCU.

Inspection, routine maintenance and repair of the MCU shall be carried out in completely deenergized state.