JSC ELEKTON:Software Tool


The up-to-date version of the general purpose software for data reading out from all ELEKTON products can be downloaded at:

Elekton-UV.23.05 [Download]

  • File size (.zip): 5 642 635 b
  • Revision: 15.05.2023

The software is implemented in Windows environment and has a convenient and user-friendly interface. The software is intended for reading out and processing of data from all ELEKTON controllers.

The software can be used to print out event logs, graphs and charts, or to save information to a text file and export it to Microsoft Excel file for further processing. Accumulated data on the downhole unit operation is retrieved from the controllers memory unit to a computer or to a BSI read-out unit for control and further processing.


  • read out the event log with required parameters sorted by date and time, such as line voltages, phase currents, loads, insulation resistance, pressure, temperature, power factor, as well as instances of pumping unit turning on and off with cause indication, and setpoint changes with indication of old and new values;
  • view the current status of the switchboard and its operating parameters;
  • view and change the controller setpoints that determine the switchboard operation mode and response to deviations from the rated parameters.

The parameters in the event log, and the list of setpoints and parameters are automatically updated depending on the version of the displayed data. The software has tools enabling interaction with the ELEKTON controllers via PC COM/Ethernet port or via a GSM modem connected to PC, which makes it possible both collecting data from the controllers and managing them (start, stop, change setpoints).
The software has interface in two languages (Russian and English).
The "Graphs" tab represents a general purpose tool that allows displaying graphs of any parameters in the event log on a single coordinate grid, which together with the scaling feature facilitates the analysis of the pumping unit performance.