ELEKTON-TMS-DF-25 Downhole Flow meter

Fig.1 Fig.1

1- Tubing

2- ESP submersible cable

3- Equalizer

4- ESP motor

5- TMS-DHS-25 Downhole sensor with Built-In Communication Cable Winder

6- Protector

7- LS-4.1 Cable link

8 - Pump sections

9- Ø73 (Ø89) mm smooth pipe thread as per GOST 633

10- TMS-DF-12 Downhole flow meter measures pressure, temperature and fluid flowrate at pump discharge

  Purpose and field of application

ELEKTON-TMS-DF-25 downhole flowmeter has two applications:

  • Horizontal pumping systems for water injection;
  • Inverted ESP dual-completion for oil production.

ELEKTON-TMS-DF-25 is intended for recording and transmission of the following parameters to external devices:

  • insulation resistance of the circuit “DHS HV winding – ESP cable – ESP motor”
  • pressure at pump intake;
  • ESP motor oil temperature;
  • formation fluid temperature;
  • ESP motor vibration;
  • pressure at pump discharge;
  • temperature at pump discharge;
  • flowrate at pump discharge (pumping unit capacity).

TMS-DF-25 Telemetry system - downhole flow meter consists of three units:

  • TMS-SP-12 Surface panel, it can be installed separately or inside of ELEKTON-05 VSD;
  • TMS-DHS-25 downhole sensor installed below the ESP motor;
  • TMS-DF-12 downhole flowmeter installed at the pump discharge and connected to the TMSDHS- 25 Downhole sensor contains a communication line LS-4.1.

TMS-DF-25 Telemetry system - downhole flow meter consists of three units: Signals are transmitted between the downhole flow meter TMS-DF-12 and TMS-DHS-25 by the communication line "neutral point of DHS HV winding – power cable wires – neutral point of stator winding of ESP motor” relative to the grounding sheath of the ESP motor power cable.

Parameter Range Accuracy1) Tolerance
Fluid pressure at pump intake, PSI 0-5880
±0,5% ±0,01
Fluid pressure at pump discharge, PSI 0-8800 ±0,5% 0,01
ESP motor stator temperature, °C 200 ±1,5% 0,01
Fluid temperature at pump suction and discharge, °C> 150 1,5% 0,1
ESP motor vibration in radial and axial directions, m/s2 0-30 ±5%2) 0,1
Current volumetric flowrate, bar/d. 120-1250
±2%3) 0,1
Fluid volume, bar For overall units’ service life ±2,5%3) 0,1
Insulation resistance, kOhm3) 10-1000
1) For insulation resistance, the error will be determined relative to the measured value, for other parameters – relative to the upper range limit.
2) For vibration range from 10 to 70 Hz;
3) For the following fluid parameters:
  • viscosity - 0.55 to 50 mm2
  • density, max - 1.4 g/cm3
  • temperature for TMS-DHS-25 system, max - 95 °C

ELEKTON-TMS-DF-25 Downhole flow meter