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Mobile Commisioning Unit MCU

Certificate of Conformance

  Purpose and field of application

Mobile Commissioning Unit (MCU) is designed for well commissioning operations in new oil fields, as well as for ensuring the protection of operating personnefrom adverse climatic conditions.
ELEKTON mobile commisioning are designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements applicable to regions with with tropical climate.

Mobile Commisioning Unit MCU
Mobile Commisioning Unit MCU
  Basic MCU configuration

Base-line configuration of MCU includes:

  • Enclosure;
  • PCh-TTPT-1000-380-50-1-UXL1 VSD, TU 3416-003-43174012-2001;
  • Transformer cabinet;
  • TMPNG-400/6-UXL1 or TMPNG-630/6-UXL1 transformer;
  • OBUZLAR electric cabinet;
  • KLP-25 junction box.

PUVSR-05/1000-1000/6 on the chassis of truck trailer MAZ 8926-017-02
MCU-05/1000-1000/6 on the chassis of truck trailer MAZ 8926-017-02

  MCU Specifications

Operation factors MCU
Dimensions (not more), mm 590022002440
Weight, kg 4000
Base 2 x 24P sole bars connected by crossbeams from 10P bar
Heat-insulated box Structure metal frame
Roof and walls 0.8 mm galvanized iron sheathing
Bottom 1.5 mm full metal, with corrosion-resistant, primer and paint coating.
Thermal insulation Isover insulation
Floor thickness 100 mm, covered by linoleum, wall thickness 90 mm
Interior paneling 6 mm plywood treated with antiseptic solution, oil varnish and painted
Windows Window frame structure 600x600 double glazed
Air conditioning LG LWJO561FCG air conditioner
Transformer TMPNG400/6-UXL1: - frequency: 50 Hz;
- power: 425,8 kW;
- HV winding rated winding voltage: 2,998;
- LV winding rated winding voltage: 0,380;
- HV winding rated winding current: 82;
- LV winding rated winding current: 647;
- climatic version - UHL1.
VSD ELEKTON-05-1000 Identification:
- power voltage: 3x380 V
- output voltage: 3 phases, 0380 V
- output frequency: 3,570 Hz
- rated output current: 1000 A

Operation modes:
- frequency maintenance
- current maintenance
- programmed operation
- pressure maintenance
Inclosure type: IP43
Climatic version: UXL1

Internal components and locations can be changed or supplemented based on the customers needs and requirements.

  3FH-500 Transformer Parameterss

  • power: 500 kW
  • input voltage: 3x380 V ±20%
  • output voltage: 3x2800 V, 2x250 V
  • frequency: 283-600 Hz
  • temperature conditions: 60
  • input current: 765
  • output current: 103
  • Ingress Protection: IP33
  • weight: 2 327 kg