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ELEKTON-Active Power Filters for VSD

Certificate of Conformance

Active Power Filter ELEKTON-FSA-630/1600"
  Purpose and application

The increase of higher harmonics in power circuit are caused, first of all, by the wide use of converting equipment.

The Active Power Filters is the most effective way of elimination of the higher harmonics.

The Active Power Filter represents a controlled current source connected in parallel with loading, generating higher harmonics.

The Active power filter generates the same higher harmonics but on opposite phase to the load, ensuring that only the first harmonic current - 50 Hz is consumed by the load.

The power factor is adjusted through accumulation of reactive energy by the filter during the first half of the period of voltage supply and returning it to the mains during the second half of this period.

The active power filter ELEKTON is designed for the suppression of the high harmonics (current and load) from the VSD and for the compensation of reactive power consumed by the load.

ELEKTON filter is connected between the substation transformer and the VSD input. No special settings or adjustment is necessary.


  • Three-phase current higher harmonics compensation up to the 40th harmonic.
  • Low power losses (3...5% of rated load power).
  • Built-in electronic overload protection.
  • RS-485 port for communication with remote telemetry units (RTU).
  • USB port for connection a standard USB flash drive.
  • ELEKTON-10.1 controller displays spectral composition, voltage waveform distortion factors, power current and load current.
  • Archiving.

Certificate of Conformance

Certificate of Conformance


Filter type Rated operating current, A* Maximum load current, A** Weight, kg Overall dimensions, mm
ELEKTON-FSA-100/250 100 250 290 1845840830
ELEKTON-FSA-160/400 160 400 420 1990950905
ELEKTON-FSA-250/630 250 630 440 1990950905
ELEKTON-FSA-400/1000 400 1000 492 1990950905
ELEKTON-FCA-630/1600 630 1600 890 201612041603

KUinp, Iinp= not more than 5%***

* - maximum higher harmonic current value applied
** - maximum current consumed by ELEKTON-05 VSD operating in PWM mode.
*** - provided that the voltage waveform distortion factor without the use of a frequency converter is less than 2%, and the filter operates under the rated load.

The rated operating current of the active power filter determines the maximum compensated power of the higher harmonics generated in the power sypply network.

Connection wiring of the Filter Elekton-FSA
Connection wiring

There are coefficients of current and voltage harmonicity curve distortion (KUinp, Iinp) of metering data for frequency converter ELEKTON-05-400 presented

ParametersNo filterFilter
Input voltage
Input voltage harmonic structure
Input current
Input current harmonic structure