Catalogue of equipment:
Switchboards of series ELEKTON-07

Certificate of Conformance

  Purpose and application

Switchboard ELEKTON-07 is designed for control and protection of submersible pumps electric motor drive. There are modifications for power circuit rated current: 400, 630, 800, 1000 and 1600 A.

Certificate of conformance RU C-RU.ME68.B.00008/19.

Switchboard "ELEKTON-07-400"
  Functional capabilities

The switchboard is equipped with special soft start thyristor device. There is embedded interface RS-485 for connection with telemechanics system on Modbus RTU protocol. For further analysis of the pump unit operation and entry into the data base, the information about the Switchboard operation is read out to the portable computer, read-out unit (BSI-04) or standard USB Flash Drive.

Among regular standard algorithms of soft start there is additional quasi-frequency mode of motor launching for large static moment cases. Short-time period of work of electric motor with low frequency (25, 12.5 Hz) is possible.

Operation modes are set with the help of two settings:

  • inrush current: 100% ...500%
  • start-up time of the motor: 0 ...10 s

and start mode selection:

  • soft start (regular motor launching)
  • start with jogging (high starting moment launch with following switching to soft start mode)
  • quasi-frequency mode (high starting moment launch with following switching to soft start mode)
  • full engagement start (for modes with direct switching on)

Soft start equipment gives ability:

  • to limit peak load both motor and machinery
  • to reduce starting current
  • in some cases not to use friction coupling or hydraulic clutch
  • to carry out contactors' commutation while current is absent

Сертификат соотвествия

Certificate of conformance

Operation factors ELEKTON-07-400 (630, 800, 1000, 1600)
Climatic version UHL1 (GoST 15150-69)
Protection category Ip43 (GoST 14254-80)
Rated supply voltage, V 380 (50±1Hz)
Supply voltage deviation range, % -20...+25
Power circuit rated current, A (not more than) 400 (630, 800, 1000, 1600)
Submersible motor power, kW (not more than) 160 (240,320,400, 500)
Temperature condition, °С -60...+40
Dimensions, mm
  ELEKTON-07- 800(1000)
Weight, kg 185 (235, 450,460, 670)