Catalogue of equipment:
Read-out unit BSI-04

Certificate of Conformance

  Purpose and application

The BSI-04 read-out unit is used for information retrieval from controllers of ELEKTON systems: switchboards, surface panels and for transmission of this information to a stationary computer.

Read-out unit BSI-04

  Functional capabilities

The BSI is powered from the device it is connected to for data retrieval or transmission.
BPI is connected to the switchboard controller and to a computer via standard RS-232 or USB interfaces.
BSI has up to 4 GB nonvolatile memory.
The software runs under Windows XP/7/8/10 and allows retrieving information from the BSI and displaying it on PC in graphic and tabular forms.
The maximum overall dimensions of the BSI are 713317 mm.
The maximum weight is 100 g.

The BSI supports the following functions:

  • reading out setpoints and event chronology from ELEKTON switchboard controllers and surface panels of the downhole monitoring system;
  • copying the setpoints and event chronologies retrieved from controllers from the BSI to a computer.

Computer interaction:
To readout data from the BSI, it must be connected to the USB-port of the computer through an appropriate connector.
The computer treats the BSI as a Flash-type storage device.
The same procedures must be observed for the removal of the BSI from the computer as for the USB flash drive removal.
To view and process the event chronologies retrieved from the BSI, ElektonUV software is used: Elekton-UV[Download]

The BSI memory is formatted using standard Windows tools with the following settings:

  • file system: FAT32;
  • cluster size: 4096 bite.

  Scope of supply

  • BSI-04 Read-Out Unit 1 pc.;
  • USB - extension, L=1.8 m 1 pc.;
  • Datasheet 1 copy.
  • Operating manual 1 copy for a 1 to 10 pcs lot.