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CJSC ELEKTON: ideas and trends


"Oil Industry", №5 - 2003 (May)

  Oil production: Art of Control

For more than 10 years scientists and specialists of CJSC Elekton, who had come from military-industrial establishment, have been working on the problem of the oil production optimization.

More than 5000 Switchboards under Elekton trademark are running on the oilfields of Russia and CIS, representing a wide spectrum of varied equipment. Not only simple devices for ESP motor control but complicated electronic complex for putting the well into operating duty, for preset parameters supporting during oil production process at several well clusters simultaneously. At the same time the switchboard operating information can be read out to a portable computer, to data transfer and storage micro-unit; it can be transferred to a telemechanics system via port RS-485 or via radio channel to a dispatcher control board for further analysis of pump unit operating and database supporting.

The success of ELEKTON trade mark confirms by equipments' stable sales growth. Share of Elekton in switchboards production in Russia in 2002 - more than 60 % (approx.). Together with Schlumberger company Elekton manufactures new switchboards for control and protection of Reda pump units.

Ideology of Elekton consists in integrated approach towards automation and optimization of the oil production and in intension to produce oil production equipment to compare well with the best samples in the world market. Submersible Telemetry System which allows to get information on pump unit's intake pressure, temperature of submersible motor stator coil and insulation resistance has been successfully passed the tests (for more information - and put into full-scale production.

Along with switchboards' evolution Elekton manufactures special equipment for the directed drilling. Stem assemblies on the basis of elastic-framed centralizers and decentralizes enable to carry out complicated hole making according to design profile horizontal wells as well as second boreholes from the flow string. This equipment is covered by patent.

Company's policy is faced to the social activities: Elekton puts up money for education of young employees in institutes of higher education, invites honoured artists for performances, creates new workplaces and expands production. Competitive ability of ELEKTON's production on the market is being provided with constant cutting wages fund.

Quality Management System of CJSC ELEKTON has been certified for conformance to GOST R ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9001:2000) with reference to ESP switchboards of Elekton series.

Combination of labour, practical experience and brains offers a good challenge. ELEKTON invites domestic and foreign firms to business cooperation on the mutually-beneficial basis.

V.A. Svirin
Principal engineer