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Catalogue of equipment:
Submersible Telemetry System (downhole sensor) ELEKTON-TMS-3

Certificate of Conformance

Downhole unit (ELEKTON-TMSP-3)
  Purpose and application

Submersible Telemetry System ELEKTON-TMS-3 is intended for data logging and transmission to external devices current values of:

  • formation fluid pressure on the ESP unit's intake;
  • temperature of the ESP motor oil;
  • rate of vibration speeding-up of ES motor along radial and axial directions;
  • temperature of formation fluid;
  • point "0-Transformer" ac voltage;
  • insulation of the system "Transformer - Submersible Power Cable - ESP motor".

Downhole unit can be attached to any production run ESP motor with case diameter of 103, 117 & 130mm. Stator winding should be star connected in the bottom part of motor for link-up of this kind.

Surface unit (ELEKTON-TMSN-3)
Surface unit (ELEKTON-TMSN-3)

Surface unit (ELEKTON-TMSN-3D)
Surface unit (ELEKTON-TMSN-3D)
  Functional capabilities

The set of Submersible Telemetry System ELEKTON-TMS-3 consists of:

  • downhole unit ELEKTON-TMSP-3;
  • connecting unit for docking to ES Motor;
  • surface unit ELEKTON-TMSN-3

Telemetry data from submersible unit are transmitted via ES Motor power cable, treated in surface unit and transmitted into controller. Data on controlled parameters are stored in memory and induced on display of the Surface unit ELEKTON-TMSN-3D or ELEKTON switchboard's controllers and with the help of software could be examined in table or graphic mode on computer's display or transmitted to the telemechanics system via interface the RS-485 (ModBus protocol).

Surface unit TMSN-3 is compatible with downhole units TMSP-2, TMSP-3.

Surface unit ELEKTON-TMSN-3D is additionally equipped with 4-line LC display and keyboard for look-up and system tuning with no switchboard's controller ore notebook. It has a relay with the group of switchable contacts, arranged on the outer link-up connector. Setting-up of the relay can be made with the help of shields menu trough keyboard/display or computer. Relay activation can be run along any tested parameter, both one of them and several. This option can be used with switchboards, which controller has no RS-485 (RS-232) interface or analog input, as well as for remote control systems.

Certificate of conformance RU.B57.H01173

Certificate of Conformance ELEKTON-05

Certificate of Conformance


ParametersMeasuring range
Rated supply voltage, V 110220
Allowable long-time supply voltage, V80400
Supply voltage frequency, Hz50
Peak loading current, mA10
Consumed power, Wt (not more)30
LCD with light-emitting diode lighting4 lines with 20 digits
Keyboard6 buttons
Analog output (optionally), pcs8*
*) within the range of DC voltage for choice: 04,1 V, 010 V

Parameters Overall dimentions, mm (not more) Weight, kg (not more)
ELEKTON-TMSP-3--96Ø=96, L=65419

  Future trends

Application of Submersible Telemetry System ELEKTON-TMS jointly with Variable Speed Drive Switchboards ELEKTON-05 enabled creation of "smart" well for maximum automation and optimization of the oil production process.