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Reactive Power Compensator ELEKTON-KRM

Certificate of Conformance

  Purpose and application

Reactive power compensators ELEKTON-KRM are intended for compensation of inductive component of reactive power been consumed by load.

Reactive power compensation is realized with linking up delta - connected condensers in parallels with load.

The top of efficiency of KRM is reached with direct link-up to 0.4 kV bus-bar of transformer plant. In this case reactive power of all inductive loads attached to the given transformer plant is compensated. It is possible to link up the KRM to input clamps of a switchboard too.

Reactive Power Compensator ELEKTON-KRM
Reactive Power Compensator ELEKTON-KRM
  Functional capabilities

Reactive power compensator's application reduces current loads in power transmission lines, transformers and switching centers, this is a way to cut down energy consumption. Reactive power compensator provides automatic compensation of reactive power within the range of controller's settings while prior setup being made.

Physically KRM is a welded box of one-side service with capacitors, contactors, protection devices and self-acting cutoff switches, conductor lines system mounted inside and controller and a controller on control board.



Operation factors ELEKTON-KRM-150/25
Rated supply voltage, V 380 (50±1Гц)
Supply voltage deviation range, % -25...+10
Voltage imbalance, % (no more) 10
Current supply imbalance, % (no more) 10
Rated reactive power, KVAr 150
Reactive power compensation step, KVAr 25
Cos_phi under nominal operating mode (not less) 0,95
Temperature condition, , °С -60...+40
Climatic version (GoST 15150-69) УХЛ1
Protection category (GoST 14254-80) IP43
Dimensions, mm 1735х800х640

  Structure of symbolic notation

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An example of identification of the Reactive Power Compensator with rated reactive power 150 KVAr and reactive power compensation step 25 KVAr for placing an order:

«ELEKTON-KRM-150/25-УхЛ1, TU 3384-028-43174012-2008».