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Catalogue of equipment:
controller for switchboards ELEKTON-04(07).

Certificate of Conformance

  Purpose and application

The controller of Elekton-08 Switchboards enables to automate the operation of ESP unit to the maximum and optimize the oil production process.

The Controller is mounted on the front panel of the Switchboard and has embedded alphanumeric 2 line by 16-digit LCD display. Large quantity of symbols enables to indicate massages not in code mode, but by full name, that makes information comprehensible and accessible for perception.

Controller of switchboards of series ELEKTON-04(07)
Controller of switchboards
of series ELEKTON-04(07)
  Functional capabilities

The controller makes possible various modes of work of switchboards:

  • Membrane keyboard application for setpoints input and function selection.
  • Nonvolatile memory for data storage for a long period in case of power supply lack.
  • Embedded interface RS-485 for connection with telemechanics system by Modbus protocol.
  • Current parameters logging with four adjustable intervals.
  • Highlight liquid crystal display (LCD) application.
  • Reliable internal heating system and additional LC indicatior heating.
  • Keys of the controller have backlight for enhansed viewing at night.
  • User friendly software whitch runs on Windows OS for data read-out, information processing, setpoints changing, and database management that enables to display and plot various parameters in tables and graphs for statistics.
  • Easy adaptable to additional devices, such as downhole telemetry system and contact manometer.
  • Controller reprogramming is carrying out without pump unit shutdown.

  Technical specifications

Operation factors Controller
Climatic version UHL2
Rated supply voltage, V 12В,27 (50Hz)
Supply voltage deviation range, % ±25
Display 2 lines with 16 symbols
Temperature condition, °С -60...+40
Protection category Ip20
Dimensions, mm 210x230x78
Weight, kg 2,0


Other equipment can be attached or functional capabilities widened to meet customer's request.


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