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Area 17, building 150, Raduzhny, Vladimir region, Russia, 600910

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MAIN OFFICE, Raduzhny: Tel.:(49254) 3-11-99, elekton@elekton.ru
Main Office, Vladimir RegionRaduzhny(49254) 3-11-99
Afte-sales service department, Vladimir RegionRaduzhny(49254) 3-27-38
Orenburg regionBuzuluk(35342) 4-59-89, 4-20-20
Samara regionOtradny(84661) 2-43-20, +7(927)730-35-98
Tumen regionNefteyugansk(3463) 23-38-36, +7(912)909-96-20
Tumen regionSurgut(3462) 35-17-66, +7(912)905-10-17
Tumen regionNizhnevartovsk (3466) 41-47-30, +7(912)939-84-80
Tumen regionNoyabrsk+7(912)913-11-27, +7(912)913-11-28

Office hours: 8.00 - 17.00; lunch time: 12.00 - 13.00..

Main office
Tel.: +7 (49254) 3-11-99


Central office
Central office
in Raduzhny-town

ELEKTON's HQ is situated in one of the most picturesque places near the ancient russian town of Vladimir (a part of so colled Golden Ring) on the territory of Closed administrative formation Raduzhny-town (All-Russian State laser laboratory center "RADUGA").

Travel by car (local map)
Travel by car
(local map)