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ELEKTON-RPC Reactive Power Compensator

Certificate of Conformance

  Purpose and application

ELEKTON-RPC reactive power compensators are designed to compensate for the inductive component of reactive power consumed by the load.

Reactive power is compensated by connecting delta-connected capacitors parallel to the load.

The highest efficiency of RPC application is achieved by connecting it directly to 0.4 kV buses of the transformer substation. This ensures compensation of reactive power of all inductive loads connected to such substation. An RPC may also be connected to the input terminals of the switchboard.

Reactive Power Compensator ELEKTON-KRM
Reactive Power Compensator ELEKTON-KRM
  Functional capabilities

The reactive power compensator reduces current loads on powerlines, transformers and distribution equipment that helps reducing power losses. RPC ensures automatic reactive power compensation as per the controllers setpoint entered in the preset mode.

RPC is contained in a front access welded cabinet. The cabinet has capacitors, contactors, circuit breakers, a disconnector switch with fuses, and a controller on the control panel.

CDU-12 Controller
  Basic technical specification of ELEKTON-RPC-150/25

Operation factors ELEKTON-RPC-150/25
Rated supply voltage, V 380 (50±1)
Maximum voltage deviation from average, % -25...+10
Voltage unbalance, %, max 10
Load current unbalance, %, max 10
Rated reactive power, KVAr 150
Stage power, kVAr 25
Cos φ during normal operation, min 0,95
Temperature range, ° -60...+40
Enclosure type IP 43, NEMA3, NEMA4
Climatic version as per IEC 60721-2-1 UXL1
Overall dimensions, mm 1700 x 730 x 475
Weight, kg 136

  Structure of symbolic notation

1 2 3 4 5

An example of identification of the Reactive Power Compensator with rated reactive power 150 KVAr and reactive power compensation step 25 KVAr for placing an order:

ELEKTON-RPC-150/25-UXL1, TU 3384-028-43174012-2008.